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    Saint Lucia Distillers

    For the Saint Lucia Distillers Group, the journey from a small, family run sugar plantation to the world’s best rum distillery has been one of sweet success.

    Few things capture the flavour of the Caribbean like a warm, amber-hued rum, and none better than Chairman’s Reserve. Formed in 1972, the Saint Lucia’s Distillers Group is a relatively young distillery, but they emerged from a long tradition of on site, rustic rum production to officially master the centuries-old process of producing the spicy alcoholic beverage. Their experimentation with the production process has paid off, with the St. Lucia Distillers winning rum ‘Distillery of the Year’ and ‘Spirit of the Year’ at the 2017 World Spirit Awards.

    But the real winners are the people that make it all possible, the workers. 70% of the Staff at St. Lucia Distillers is from the Roseau Valley and the company regularly gives back through charity, family support, and perhaps most pronounced, employee development.

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